Site Team

SEER’s focus is improving the delivery of the site. This starts with the site management itself, and SEER provides an invaluable tool in improving the level of monitoring of ongoing activities, especially on geographically dispersed sites. The system also facilitates dramatically improved on-site collaboration, with SEER at the heart of site meetings and discussions to ensure all team members are fully informed, current status is fully understood, and problems can be discussed with clear and up-to-date visual information. When off-site support or specialist input is required, SEER allows the site to get immediate response and ensure no misunderstandings when discussions take place with off-site specialists or designers.

Investor/Developer with Engineering Capabilities

With a portfolio of projects, frequently geographically dispersed, SEER allows a developer’s existing project management, engineering, health and safety and environment specialist resources to be leveraged across multiple projects, ensuring cost effective and efficient head office support during construction, while reducing the need for project-dedicated resources. Commercial resources are also provided a full record of activities in the event of any disputes, allowing the developer to protect itself from unfounded claims.

Financial Investor or Lender

Particularly when combined with a “red-flag” monitoring service, the pure financial investor or lender can reduce risks and avoid unexpected issues in a cost effective way by regularly inspecting the site with specialist consultant resources, while not being limited on how often the project can be visited by practicalities on travel time and cost.


As an engineering consultant, SEER provides a unique opportunity to optimize costs and efficiency, providing increased competitiveness and improving project delivery. SEER allows for key engineering resources to be used more effectively on multiple projects, while enhancing the development of site resources with appropriate levels of off-site support. Remote engineering collaboration is truly made possible and responsiveness to problems on site dramatically improved, allowing design engineers, project managers and site personnel to all collaborate on the same visually based engineering platform. Responding to claims is simplified with the history feature of SEER, ensuring determinations are more effective and better accepted by the parties.


When managing a portfolio of projects across a region, SEER allows for more consistent monitoring and management of projects, while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Evidence of performance, both to defend against and substantiate claims is inherent in the system. The ability to track use of equipment and resources through daily comparison of specific work areas allows for the optimization of activities, as much for the site team as for off-site management.


As part of a risk mitigation strategy to offer optimized premiums, SEER offers insurers a unique opportunity to carry out regular risk surveys to avoid issues while not being limited by travelling time, but also ensuring sufficient information is available to assess any claims which do arise.