Improved Project Performance

SEER provides a platform for effective remote engineering collaboration which dramatically enhances project delivery and flexibility. Immediate response to critical engineering problems; increased input and review from offsite experts and specialists; improved quality and efficiency of key decisions by enabling remote multi-party engagement: It all adds up to a more efficient project with less unexpected problems and quicker response when problems do arise.

Optimised use of Resources

SEER provides an effective tool for the optimization of off-site versus on-site resource, and the reduction of the project carbon foot print by significantly reducing travel requirements. By delivering a tool which truly allows for remote inspection of the site, and remote engineering collaboration, reduction of site resource becomes a practical reality. This not only reduces resource costs, but also allows improved efficiency by allowing those resources to be more effectively deployed, either on other project tasks or on other projects. At last, here is a tool which allows key resources to be in more than one place at once!

Reduced Dispute Costs

All projects aim to avoid disputes, but of course it is a sad reality that disputes do occur. From experience, we know that a significant proportion of disputes are related to matters which should be fact; when did something occur or where; what was the status at that particular moment in time. SEER provides the solution to these disputes by providing a comprehensive easily navigable records tool which means that the state of the site on any particular point in time will never need to be debated again! By investing in SEER, disputes can be therefore be reduced or even avoided altogether, both saving on dispute costs and the knock-on effects from these disputes.