About SEER

SEER is unique in that it provides an extremely data rich platform which captures all of the site, daily and at a high resolution. It has been design with the objective to improve on project delivery and is based on our experience in delivering projects and the need we see for such a system.


The Past

The concept of a visually based remote collaboration and management tool originated following years of working overseas on large scale construction . project, and with the realisation that a lot of the value added in having specialist resource on site could be replicated through use of site-wide, regularly updated spherical imagery. “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool to help us to capture images continuously, over an entire site, and seamlessly by providing inspectors with this as an additional tool to be used as part of their normal routine. At the end of the day, we can all navigate and analyse those images filed through our
own platform, organised by location and time, and massively reducing the need for regular site presence or
international travel”.

The Present

SEER has become more than just an idea and has been developed by WestGlen Consult Ltd since late 2016. Working tirelessly, while providing engineering management consultancy services to our clients, the feasibility study and development process of SEER has been going full pace with our specialist full time development team. 

The development of SEER has been awarded various technology grants from feasibility through to development and we are currently working on finalising a beta version of the product ready for initial site deployment early 2020. 

Full commercial availability is expected second half of 2020.

The Future

WestGlen Consult will continue to develop the system and to enhance the capabilities of SEER with the aim of changing the way in which international projects are managed, targeting both project delivery results and project costs, while also helping to reduce the carbon footprint of large scale projects through reduced air travel. Our mission is to achieve project results. SEER is one tool to help us deliver on that mission, and we will look for other opportunities to develop additional technology products to support this goal.

“Invest in SEER, SEE Everything”

About WestGlen Consult

WestGlen Consult Ltd is an established consulting company specializing in providing owners and developers of heavy engineering and infrastructure projects with project execution and management services. We maximise project returns for our clients by providing support and hands-on engineering management services throughout the project lifecycle, from initial project evaluation through tendering and onto construction, commissioning, and operation. Put simply our target is to achieve best project results for our clients.


We would be delighted to discuss your specific project needs and how SEER can help optimise your project delivery.